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Social Responsibility

Environmental Health and Safety

The company has obtained the certificate for Work Safety Standardization Second-class Enterprise, and has been certified by ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and SA8000 System.
All the heating furnaces, continuous type furnaces and batch type furnaces are heated by natural gas, with clean energy adopted to reduce pollution. Exhaust gas is discharged at a height of 15 meters after treated. Hazardous wastes are all disposed of by qualified units, which are all approved, and duplicate forms for transfer of hazardous waste are filled out. All the rain and sewage in the plant area are diverted in place, and all domestic sewage is piped. We have invested in the establishment of sewage treatment system and acid mist purification system to avoid pollution to the company's surrounding environment. We have set up a particular department to check the environmental indicators to minimize the impact on the environment during.

Public Welfare and Charity

Various donations total nearly 25 million yuan,including hospital, school, charity federation, students and so on.

Sustainable Development

We have also invested in transforming abandoned land into scenic ecological parks. The park covers an area of 180 mu (1 mu is equivalent to 666.7 square meters) and is developed based on the original ecological concept. After completion, the park will become a scenic spot that serves the function of sightseeing, vacationing, and entertainment in Tianning District of Changzhou City, making outstanding contributions to the construction of a harmonious society.

Solar Power Generation

While the company is responsible to shareholders with products, technologies and profits, it is more concerned about the green and sustainable living environment. We are practicing the use of clean solar energy during the production process.

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility