Chairman’s Words

Forty-odd years have passed in a snap in the long river of history.


However in Wujin, forty-odd years have witnessed us from birth to transformation, from ignorance to maturity. For more than forty years, our belief remains the same, that is, to create our influence globally with our hands and wisdom. This belief has supported us over the years, and everyone goes all out for the development of the company, which also rewards everyone with its best efforts. What is the most precious is that, we are like a family, in which every member acts for the growth of the family gratefully, sincerely and selflessly. This is Wujin's business and the foundation on which Wujin grows.

Today's Wujin has become a leader in the local stainless steel pipe industry. With the joint efforts of all of us, our competitiveness has been continuously enhanced, our performance has been continuously improved, and we have won the respect and trust of our customers and partners.
Thanks to every customer, partner and supplier for their selfless care about Wujin. We will continuously strive to improve product quality, technical standards and customer satisfaction. We will realize efficiency growth with wisdom, and create new value with innovation.
Today's Wujin is working hard to move forward; tomorrow's Wujin will be more worth looking forward to!