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Wujin Stainless won the nomination of the 5th China Grand Awards for Industry.

2018-10-17  Category:Company News

Jiangsu wujin stainless steel co., ltd. has been named one of the candidates for the 5th China industry awards by the China federation of industrial economics.

This selection, by the enterprise voluntary declaration, through the national comprehensive industry federation (association) recommendation, industry experts review and other links, a total of 12 enterprises, 12 projects, in the fifth China industrial award candidate enterprises, another 14 nominated enterprises, 10 projects.

Chinese industry award is approved by the state council, China's industry's top awards, known as "Oscar" of China's industry recognizes adhere to the scientific outlook on development, a new path of industrialization with Chinese characteristics, on behalf of the direction of our country industrialization, roads, and spirit, the highest level on behalf of the industrial development, to enhance the comprehensive national strength and promote national economic development make a significant contribution to the industrial enterprise and project, in order to set up a batch of outstanding enterprise and project, benchmarking and drive to form a large number of the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Wujin stainless has been adhering to innovation-driven development and constantly promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading. It has several r&d and service platforms, such as national enterprise technology center, national accredited (CNAS) laboratory, jiangsu engineering technology research center, jiangsu recognized enterprise technology center, and jiangsu postdoctoral innovation practice base.Meanwhile, the company strives to build a strategic support system of scientific and technological innovation, lean manufacturing, fund-raising and investment projects, and talent team to further improve the company's advanced technology and brand leadership, and make greater contributions to "made in China 2025".