Sales & Service

Service Concept

● Keep improving, catch up with and surpass the advanced level, meet customer demands with sincere service.
● Take quality as the foundation, technology as the driving force, and service as the advantage.
● Integrity, quality, innovation and win-win.


Service Policy:

1) Purchasing Department ensures the quality of raw materials, and gains industry recognition.
2) Sales Department deals with customer business enthusiastically and professionally with zero complaints.
3) Production Department formulates production plan, and delivers products on time with quality and quantity guaranteed.
4) Quality Assurance Department never allows any defective product to be delivered out of the warehouse, and conducts final inspection on quality.
5) After Sales Department responds to on-site doubts about quality timely and effectively with zero complaints.

Service Promise

Wujin Stainless provides customers with the following services: on-site construction instruction service, technology consulting service, quality track feedback, etc. Our commitment is:
We give priority to the interests of our customers, and maintain regular contact with our customers to ensure that each product operates well in our customers' equipment.
High efficiency
For after-sales service demands, we undertake to reply and give solutions within 24 hours..
We not only provide products, but also have specialized personnel responsible for professional technical guidance and on-site implementation, and dutifully ensure the safety and reliability of products in engineering use.
In addition, in response to the customer's production progress demands, Wujin Stainless  has developed a set of emergency security measures which have been incorporated into the company's quality management system:
1. For product supplement due to unpredictable factors in the design and construction process of the customer's engineering project, the company will prioritize production and inspection in terms of production plan to achieve the fastest delivery schedule;
2. Our complete logistics network has multiple modes of transportation to ensure timely delivery and guarantee that the goods remain intact during the transportation process;
3. After delivery of product, the project manager will track the product in all aspects and form a regular return visit system to understand customer demands in a timely manner. We will make timely adjustment based on customer feedback to meet user requirements to the greatest extent.

Sales Network

Whether you are in China or North America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, our service team can respond to your demands timely and provide you with quality services.
We regard our customers as our closest partners. Trust, responsibility and considerate caring are the foundation for maintaining the relationship. We keep up-to-date with customer demands and industry development, and provide products and services that exceed customer expectations through continuous innovation, to help customers reduce costs, improve efficiency, and obtain satisfactory investment return.