Nuclear Power

With the priority scheduling of clean energy of the country, the installation proportion of nuclear power is also increasing. According to relevant administration regulations and manufacturing and installation licensing rules, enterprises engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of stainless steel pipes for nuclear facilities shall obtain the civil nuclear safety equipment design/manufacturing license. The nuclear safety supervision department of the State Council has put forward high application requirements for applicants and strictly scrutinizes them. As a qualified supplier, Wujin Stainless  has developed the core manufacturing technologies for N08367 seamless and welded  pipes for the use of the third generation of nuclear power AP1000, achieving the goal of major industrialization. The products have reached the international leading level to substitute imported goods. The implementation of the project will strongly promote the automation of China's nuclear power industry, meet the development needs of advanced nuclear power equipment manufacturing at home and abroad, and ensure the safe operation of nuclear power plants.

Case Study

Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant 1/2 Unit Project

The first phase of Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant has a total investment of more than RMB 40 billion yuan, with 2 units in total.