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The Scientific and Technological Achievement Appraisal Meeting of Cold-rolled Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes for High-pressure Hydrogenation (Φ711 × 88mm) was successfully held in Changzhou.

2018-08-20  Category:Company News

August 18, China special steel enterprises association in stainless steel branch in changzhou chaired a meeting of the "in the high pressure hydrogen use (711 x 88 mm) Φ cold-rolled stainless steel seamless steel tube" r&d projects of scientific and technological achievements.The appraisal committee is composed of nationally renowned experts from more than 10 units including sinopec luoyang engineering co., LTD., China petrochemical engineering construction co., LTD., China national steel product quality supervision and inspection center, sinopec ningbo engineering co., LTD., China global engineering co., LTD., zhenhai refining and chemical industry co., LTD., zhejiang petrochemical industry co., LTD.Chairman zhu guoliang, general manager shen weiqiang, deputy general manager zhang xianjiang, chief engineer song jianxin and other leaders attended the meeting.
At the meeting, wujin stainless introduced the general situation of the company, reported the production and development of the product, and issued the witness of the national steel product quality supervision and inspection center and the product inspection report.Experts attended the meeting inspected the production site, listened to the development report, steel pipe inspection and test report, reviewed the appraisal data, and conducted inquiry and defense, wujin stainless steel made a detailed answer.The final appraisal group formed the appraisal opinion: the production technology is leading in China, the product performance reaches the international advanced level.The appraisal group unanimously passes this project science and technology achievement appraisal.
The successful convening of the appraisal meeting marks that wujin stainless steel has taken a solid step on the road of producing large-caliber and thick-walled cold-rolled stainless steel seamless tubes at home and abroad, and will make a great contribution to the realization of the localization of high-end equipment in China and the export of large-caliber and thick-walled cold-rolled stainless steel seamless tubes with high pressure hydrogen flow.