Natural gas, as a high-efficiency clean energy, has much lower carbon dioxide emissions than that of the primary energy coal and petroleum at the same calorific value. In recent years, with the progress of exploration and development technology and the rise of the consumer market, natural gas has developed into the world’s third largest energy after petroleum and coal. As China's current natural gas output growth is not as fast as natural gas consumption growth, the supply gap is relatively wide. In order to ensure the supply of natural gas sources, China actively expands the import channels. The main methods are natural gas pipeline transmission and LNG import.


The development of the natural gas industry chain, especially the LNG industry chain, has driven the demand for industrial stainless steel pipes. LNG is cryogenic liquid, and during its manufacturing, transportation, storage, transfer, and re-gasification process, all the low-temperature pipes and valves shall resist the low temperature of minus 162℃. Industrial stainless steel pipes are essential components.


Focusing on the performance requirements of LNG welded pipes, Wujin Stainless  has made breakthroughs in the key technologies of welding and heat treatment in the process of manufacturing, and developed large-diameter LNG welded pipes with excellent corrosion resistance, low temperature toughness and good low temperature strength, which has substituted the imported pipes, ended the international monopoly of LNG projects, and promoted China’s development of large-scale LNG equipment, which are of far-reaching strategic significance for China's LNG project construction.

Case Study

CNPC LNG Project in Rudong, Jiangsu

On the morning of November 8, 2011, the inauguration of China’s first liquefied natural gas project, namely CNPC LNG project with “independent design, independent procurement, independent construction and independent operation” was held at Xitaiyang Sand Shoal Artificial Island, Rudong County, Jiangsu.