Coal Chemical Industry

Wujin Stainless  has developed the high-pressure hydrogenation N08825 alloy pipes with independent intellectual property rights and R&D and manufacturing technologies. The mechanical, physical and chemical properties have reached the international advanced level, which meets the requirements for the use of high-pressure hydrogenation alloy seamless pipes. Wujin Stainless  has realized the engineering development of high-pressure hydrogenation alloy seamless pipes, formed independent intellectual property rights to substitute imported goods, and developed capability of industrialization. It meets the requirements for pipes used for petroleum hydrogenation equipment, and also meets the demands for domestic major equipment and high-end equipment manufacturing special pipes in the nuclear power, petrochemical and coal-to-liquids, chemical, and aerospace industries.

Case Study

Shenhua Ningxia 4 Million tons/year Coal Indirect Liquefaction Project

With an annual output of 4 million tons of oil products, this is a coal indirect liquefaction demonstration project with the largest single-set investment scale and largest installation in the world and China's independent intellectual property rights.